Our Story

The Light Factory started as a weekend project. In 2013, our founder Ashlie had just finished the renovation on her first house. A chandelier was the last touch she needed to complete her living room, but she couldn't find one that was the perfect mix of modern and playful. So she decided to create her dream chandelier. Arranging hand-blown glass bubbles into a shape reminiscent of floating clouds, Ashlie designed the first Glass Bubble Chandelier. She loved it...and so did everyone who saw it. Since then, The Light Factory has grown from a one-woman show to a small-but-mighty team, and our products have expanded to include a wide array of unique lighting designs and home decor. Our growth has been careful and organic, with an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction and product quality. 

Meet Our Team

Brenda C.
Chandelier Builder

Kelly R.
Customer Support
Krasi K.
Chandelier Builder
Mica M.
Chandelier Builder
Crystal F.
Chandelier Builder
Joel Ewen
Marketing & Operations

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Glasses Galore
123 Main Street Cityville, CA 90210
United States

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