Check Out These 5 Women-Owned Etsy Shops for Stunning, Unique Home Decor

For Women's History Month,  Apartment Therapy highlighted Ashlie, along with four more women, as "need-to-know female Etsy sellers and business owners making waves in the home space."

Credit: Esteban Cortez.

Photo Credit: Esteban Cortez

Nine years ago Ashlie started her business on Etsy, and continues to have a thriving presence there; last year she was a finalist for an 2021 Etsy Design Award. 

The article also mentions TLFs commitment to donate 10% charity. (BTW, TLFs partner organization for March is Women Helping Women Fund of Spokane, celebrating 30 years of coming alongside women and children to help them achieve their fullest potential. Awesome organization!)

We're honored to be mentioned alongside so many awesome female artisans, and definitely excited to be mentioned by Dayna Isom Johnson, from our 7 year old son's favorite TV show - Making It!

Check out the whole article here! 




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