How to Pick the Best Lighting for Warm and Cozy Living Room Designs

There are many ways to plan for lighting to make your living room feel warm and cozy. At the end of the day we all want a place to put our feet up for some quiet time, or to relax with friends and family. Whatever cozy means to you, you can use these four great tips to help transform your living room into the most eye-catching, warm and welcoming space in the house. 

Install Dimmer Switches
Maybe the simplest way to cozy up a room is to turn down the lighting. Dimmer switches are inexpensive and quick to install, and allow instant adjustability to the lighting in a room without changing any other feature, especially if your room features lots of natural light like the one above. They allow you to tailor the lighting in the room to the mood with just a turn of a knob. Nothing changes the mood of a room faster than bringing the light level up or down. 
Choose the right bulbs
Cozy living rooms demand warm lighting temperatures. LED bulbs can be found in almost any color temperature, from warm intimate tones of 2500K to cold, clean task lighting at 4000K. Choosing bulbs that evoke that feeling of incandescent, gas lights, and candle lighting of days of yore will help ease the transition to relaxation almost as well as a fireplace and a glass of red wine. Varying the bulb brightness to reflect the function of the lighting will help immensely! Gentle bulbs with dimmers for wall lighting, with brighter bulbs available in lamps for tasks like reading and writing. 

Create a focal point

A grand statement chandelier in a living room, attached to a dimmer switch, can establish exactly that warm and comfortable feeling you're trying to achieve. Choosing a crystal or glass chandelier that can filter and soften light from multiple bulbs can make your space comfortable and elegant. They also have the benefit of providing visual weight and style while taking up zero floor space in living rooms with smaller footprints. 

Layer Your Lighting 

When it comes to creating a relaxed and intimate living room, nothing will have a stronger impact than creating a layered lighting plan for the room. Start with a central pendant on a dimmer switch, and work through the room with lamps for tasks, and sconces or art lights for accents. Mix periods and styles of lamps and lighting to create a room that feels like it's been assembled over time. Nothing makes an otherwise dim room feel more cozy than an armchair with a lamp behind it, or a sconce within reach of a window seat. It just calls to us to curl up and relax. 
Whether you're looking to transform a modern living room into something a little more comfortable, or to redesign your lighting scheme to create a calm and cozy space, these four tips will help! 

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