Terrene Collection Announcement


We're so excited to announce a new collaboration with Spokane ceramic artist Autumn Bunton - the Terrene Collection of ceramic fixtures. For so long, we've focused on designs that are reminiscent of clouds - light, airy, and whimsical. For the Terrene designs we've shifted to materials that are earthy and grounded. Architectural profiles meet timeless materials and craftsmanship at their best. Autumn throws each piece on a wheel in porcelain or terracotta and fires it with a hand mixed glaze. Our light building crew then wires it with custom metalwork before sending it to your doorstep.


 Photo courtesy of Autumn Bunton at @goblinpottery

Ashlie and Autumn have been working with shapes and textures for months to bring just the right aesthetic to your space. Right now we've developed three designs shown below from left to right: The Double Sconce (in cream and brass), the Cone Flushmount (in terracotta and black), and the Terrene Flushmount (in Juniper and brass).  Each handmade light is currently available in three ceramic finishes - raw porcelain, terracotta, and Juniper glaze and with three metal finishes - black, cream, and brass. 



These are the first pieces in an upcoming series finished in combination with local artists. Each of them brings an amazing addition to the collection, be it hand-thrown pottery, delicate china glazes, or custom metalwork. Years ago Ashlie named "The Light Factory" as a cheeky nod to a one-woman small business. Since then we've been proud to make connections and do interesting work with other artists and makers in our community. We hope you love the new collection as much as we do!



flushmount lighting design terrene

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