Meet Ashlie, The Lighting Designer Behind The Light Factory

Meet Ashlie, The Lighting Designer Behind The Light Factory

It's been exactly six years since our founder Ashlie launched the The Light Factory with her iconic Bubble Chandeliers. Since then, a lot has changed.

We've expanded to include gorgeous new designer light fixtures, more options for customization, and even a modern home décor collection. We've welcomed fantastic new team members. We've been featured on national television, magazines, and various websites and design blogs. We've been honored to see our light fixtures grace so many of your homes and design projects. As we reflect on our first six years in business, we're proud of how far we've come. And yet, we're equally proud of how much is still the same!

We've kept our focus on creating stunning, one-of-a-kind, bespoke chandeliers that are customized for each client's specific needs. We haven't strayed from our values of putting product quality and customer satisfaction above all. Our business is still entirely female owned and operated. We love to pay it forward and donate to charities that we're passionate about supporting. And we proudly remain a cottage industry.

When you buy from The Light Factory, you're not giving your money to a faceless, mass-producing big corporation. You're supporting a small business in a corner of the Pacific Northwest, where real people will put their heart and soul into making sure your light fixture is perfect.

Ashlie herself still works with clients one-on-one over the phone, email and in person to create the light of their dreams. And to celebrate six years of her leading the The Light Factory, we thought it was time you got to know her better!

Meet Ashlie, our fearless leader and the lighting designer behind these beautiful chandeliers.



1. How did The Light Factory get started?  

I grew up with a practically superhuman mom. Besides raising five children, her hands were always in motion creating something. She made bookcases, installed kitchens, designed intricate landscapes and built our childhood home with my father (who also was always fixing or building something).

While I didn't inherit her love of cooking, I grew up with a need for design and creation in my bones.  When my husband and I bought our first house we DIY'd almost everything. The last, but arguably most important touch on our living room renovation, was lighting. I couldn't find anything that was modern, playful, and in my budget. So I decided to create it!

Almost a year after building that first Glass Bubble Chandelier, I had received so much interest and enough requests to move forward with production. It was a slow process with a steep learning curve, but I decided not to listen to that small voice that so often told me to quit.

The first year I worked 80 hour weeks learning, designing, and building, while always keeping my focus on quality and customer service.  When my husband flew home to visit family at Christmas, I stayed behind to get orders shipped out.  It was a really hard time, but it laid the groundwork for our company to grow to where we are today.

2. How has the company has evolved over the past six years?

We've grown from a one-woman show to a full house of four employees! The process has been slow and organic, keeping the focus on our customers and product quality.


3. What makes your lighting unique and special?

We make beautiful designer light fixtures. But a lot of companies make gorgeous things, don't they? What sets us apart is the consultation and customization process. I love phone consults with clients to discuss creating the perfect fixture for their taste and space. There's something extremely satisfying about working with someone who can't quite describe what they like, but we have a conversation, and as I'm building their piece I know that I've hit the mark. It's a fantastic challenge that excites me every day!
I love the process of creation and seeing the end product, but mostly I love knowing that someone is as happy with their chandelier as I am with mine. We customize the bubble finish, cord option, overall height and canopy for each and every client. When you open the box, you know you'll be getting something one-of-a-kind that's perfectly tailored to you. 


4. What are some of your favorite causes that you've donated to over the years?

We've always donated to our favorite charities, but in early 2017 we decided to change the mission of the company and start donating 10% of our profits. We've narrowed our focus to local organizations, but when national and international needs arise we'll absolutely jump in to assist. Two of my favorite local charities currently are The Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery, which creates a safe environment for parents to leave their kids, when the children would otherwise be at risk.  The other is the UGM Vet Clinic, run by an amazing, amazing vet who gives of her time and money to help homeless and low-income pet owners take care of their animals. I love that we can pay it forward!


5. How would you describe your lighting, in five words or less? 

Modern, bespoke, playful, ethereal, and timeless.


6. Where do you draw your inspiration from?  

You never know when inspiration will strike. Art and architecture can provide great ideas, as can nature. Taking the abstract and turning it into something tangible (that lights up!) requires a bit more work. During these creative bursts you'll find me usually tucked away with pen and paper and hundreds of parts layering my design table.


7. Favorite movie or TV show?  

Running a business and having a small child doesn't leave a lot of time for TV, but I always make time for one of my favorites, Call The Midwife. It's a beautiful show. I had a major fan-girl moment a couple years ago when I was contacted by Miranda Hart (who plays Chummy on the show) to create two fixtures for her home.  


8. Favorite travel destination? 

My husband and I traveled to New Zealand a few years ago and it was absolutely magical. We backpacked to Welcome Flat Hut, explored Milford Sound, mountain biked and met a couple that became some of our best friends. I can't wait to return when our kids are older!


9. Besides lighting, what's something you're passionate about?  

I love interior design. There's such satisfaction in creating a beautiful, harmonious space for your family and friends to enjoy.  It's also an essential element to keeping current with lighting design trends.  


10. What are you excited about at the moment?

Professionally, we're launching a new line of colored bubbles chandeliers, which have been in production for a couple of years now. Personally, we're expecting a baby girl this September.  Exciting (and busy) times for this lighting designer!

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