TLF Partners with Shopify's Planet App to Go Carbon Neutral

The Light Factory is so excited to have found a partner that can help us offset the carbon produced by our sales and shipping! The end solution to climate change is when the amount of Carbon Dioxide emitted is equal to the amount that is absorbed, and this is one small step! We're happy to say that the carbon from our shipping and sales through our website are completely offset! 

The Planet App is the partner we're working with, and they use data collected from our sales and shipping each month calculate our company's contribution to a fund for carbon offsets-- things like reforestation projects. More importantly, the fund invests in companies like Running Tide and Remora that capture and remove carbon directly.  At the end of the month the folks at the Planet App make sure that our shipping is carbon neutral, so we can be sure that we're not stealing from the beauty of our world by selling beautiful chandeliers. 

At TLF we're focused on making the world a better place.  We are committed to sending 10% of our profits to charities that make a difference in the lives of people.  Making this choice to invest in our environment is an easy one, because making a positive impact on the environment IS making a positive impact on the people who make our world home. Sustainable commerce is a possibility. TLF is taking one small step toward making it a reality. 



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