What Giving Tuesday Means to Us.

Hi friends,

I wanted to jump on here and talk for a minute about something I'm really excited about. You may have heard us mention it before, but The Light Factory donates 10% of our profits to charity.  This initiative started in 2017 and thanks to you, we've been able to increase our donations substantially each year.  We support a variety of national and international charities, but try to send most of the donations back into our local community.  

This year we're excited to partner with the Women Helping Women Fund (WHWF)  on Giving Tuesday.  As a female owned business, with female employees (and six daughters between us) it means a great deal to me that we can give back to an organization that will support women and girls in our community. Their motto is: "We believe that when women succeed, we all succeed."  Couldn't love this more!  

I want to thank each and every one of you who have purchased from us this year.  Your dollars have not only put food on the tables of ten Light Factory employees, but they've helped lift up women and girls in our community.  In a year with so many setbacks and so much sadness YOU have helped bring purpose and joy.

With deep gratitude,


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