Celebrating Eight Years & Our Commercial Debut!

Happy Anniversary! Eight years ago today, The Light Factory was launched. A friend convinced me that I should recreate and sell the chandelier I'd painstakingly made for our living room, and with a click on the keyboard, I listed my first bubble chandelier on Etsy and became a small business owner. That first one sold, so we had a laugh and a party.  A few more sold, and it was time to make plans. Through a lot of hard work and luck, many of those plans panned out. 

A few months ago Etsy approached me about using one of our lights in their new commercial (check it out below), and I was over the moon. Etsy is still an important piece of our business, even after launching our own website, and I love their mission "to keep human connection at the heart of commerce."  



When I started this journey, I couldn't see eight years down the road. To say I’ve learned a lot is a gross understatement (especially in the last year!).  Since founding the business I've had two children, moved across the country, and hired five team members.  I've been blessed to work with some of the best clients and coworkers I could imagine, and to collaborate with some of the most talented designers out there. I still get a thrill when we ship a chandelier to a far away locale, and I still love seeing the photos that clients send back when they light their life and loved ones with something we built in our studio. 



Since 2013 we've been astounded by the support that comes from our friends, family, and from the clients and designers that have loved our lights. Thank you so much for working with us, and for letting our work brighten your day. 


xx Ashlie 

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