Meet Kelly, our Customer Guru & Light Builder

Meet Kelly, our Customer Guru & Light Builder

We hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Mother's Day weekend, celebrating your moms, and the important women in your life who have helped to shape you!  Here at The Light Factory, we're keeping the celebration going by introducing you to our production assistant Kelly.  If you've ever ordered a bubble chandelier from us, there's a good chance you talked to Kelly about it!  She's creative, dedicated, detail-oriented, multi-talented, and all-around awesome.  And she's a mom herself to one amazing daughter!



How did you end up at The Light Factory?

I was ready to start working part time after having my daughter and being a stay at home mom for a few years. My cousin told me "Have I got a job for you!", a connection was made, and now I have the best job ever.

What does your role entail?

I have a mixed role, building some of the lights and doing customer service via phones and emails.

What does a typical work day look like for you?

My days are fast paced, and flexible. I get up in the morning, and in between getting myself and my kid off to school and work I'm answering emails and morning phone calls. Then it's into the shop to build lights, meet with Ashlie about any customer service questions, and pick up parts for any bubble chandeliers I'm building that day. Then it's home to meet my daughter's school bus, and taking calls, checking emails, and building bubble light fixtures for the rest of the work day and sometimes into the night while also spending time with my family.

What’s the most rewarding aspect of your job?

Helping someone find just the right custom lighting for their space. I love that moment when we get a call, email, or picture from someone who loves their bubble chandelier.

How would you describe your personal design style?

Color. I am all about the color. If it is bold and bright I love it.

What would you do on an ideal Saturday?

I've been spending a lot of time playing with my daughter crafting, board games, the park, and YouTube classes we can do together. I am a crafter. I love to make things with my hands, and keep them busy. Currently I am on a sweater knitting journey, trying different styles and techniques to make cozy sweaters. I also love to walk, hike, and run! So a typical Saturday might be cooking pancakes with my daughter, some yard work, walking down to the park, stopping at the bookstore for a browse on the way home, grilling dinner, and watching a movie after dinner while I knit.

Name a movie or show that you could watch over and over again.

We are big Jeopardy fans in my house!

What books or Podcasts have you enjoyed recently?

I am all about the "Stuff you Missed in History Class" podcast. I learn so much, that I can then use to answer Jeopardy questions.

What's the best advice your mom ever gave you?

I don't know about any specific advice from my Mom, but she is a really great Mom so I'm just trying to do what she did. I've never seen anyone work harder than my Mom, and yet she will always make time for her kids & her family. She spent the time with us growing up teaching us to ride horses, love the outdoors, do our best, how to learn and think, and how to be a good person. She always made home a loving and secure place, so no matter what happens in the world I still have a safe and loving place to go back to- I still do. When life gets really hard, I just want my Mom. I hope that I can be that for my daughter as well.

What is your favorite product from The Light Factory?

I love the Cumulus Bubble Chandelier, with the iridescent bubble finish! Now I just need a different house so it will fit.

Thanks Kelly!  

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