How to Style a Glass Bubble Chandelier

Our blown glass bubble chandeliers are what The Light Factory is known for, and they're best-sellers for a reason. They fit in effortlessly with so many different design styles! A modern bubble chandelier can look just as at home in a breezy California beach house as it does in an artistic Manhattan apartment. It just depends on how you style it! We've pulled together three very different looks to show how versatile our bubble chandeliers are. And if they can work in homes this different, we think they'll look amazing in your home too...whatever your unique style is.

1.  California cool: This look is casual yet sophisticated, relaxed yet refined, and effortlessly cool. Think a California beach house with tranquil, laidback vibes and comfy, coastal chic furnishings. It's luxurious, but livable. And our glass bubble chandeliers are the perfect finishing touch. Hand blown bubbles are individually arranged in organic shapes reminiscent of floating clouds. Choose your perfect size, from a petite mini chandelier to a large branching bubble chandelier, to make just the right statement--without blocking the ocean view. As the sun hits those glass bubbles, they'll send light dancing around the room.

To get this look, pair a floating glass bubble chandelier with: white walls, washed linens, chunky wood tables, beachy art, woven baskets, organic materials, and a splash of blue.


2.  Eclectic:  With eclectic style, the magic is in the mix. Objects from all different eras, countries, and design styles are boldly paired together, and yet it all works. This style is playful and free-spirited--but it's not random. When done well, an eclectic home looks thoughtfully curated and impeccably chic. The blend of different colors, patterns, textures, and price points is better than any of the individual parts. And an eclectic home will always include personal trinkets, favorite books, meaningful art, and travel souvenirs that make the home unique and interesting. Our sculptural bubble light chandelier pairs perfectly well with this artistic style. It's a one-of-a-kind, handmade, custom work of art...hanging from your ceiling!

To get this look, pair our bespoke lighting with: collected art, global souvenirs, a mix of furniture (no matching sets!), personal trinkets, plants, and plenty of texture and color.


3.  Modern: This style is clean and crisp, airy and open, uncluttered and unfussy. Modern design favors natural materials like unpainted wood and leather, along with reflective surfaces like steel, chrome, and glass. Window treatments are simple (or skipped altogether), to allow lots of natural light and views of the outdoors. Think clean, straight lines and clear, minimal surfaces instead of ornate curves and decorative tchotchkes. Our modern light fixtures complement a modern home beautifully, breaking up all the straight lines with the clear glass bubbles. To amp up the Space Age vibes, mix in some chrome bubbles for a stunning statement piece.

To get this look, pair our modern chandeliers with: Wood and wood veneers, low furniture with clean lines, a mostly neutral color palette, minimal decorative accessories, and exposed structural elements like beams and concrete.

There are so many beautiful ways to style a glass bubble chandelier, you really can't go wrong. We would love to see how you have styled your chandelier! Post a picture and tag us on Instagram (@the_light_factory).

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