The Next Big Thing: Colored Glass Chandeliers

The Next Big Thing: Colored Glass Chandeliers

We've been loving our colored bubbles for quite a while now, and I’m a huge fan of Emily Henderson and her crew. Like, I’m currently wearing a flannel shirt she linked to back in the fall, because, so cute. So last week when they posted about chandeliers on their blog, I thought, I’ll probably be down with these lighting trends. AND BOY WAS I RIGHT! 

Dorothy Draper once said, “If it looks right, it is right.” So when you find an awesome color palette or an amazing piece that you love--GO FOR IT! 

Photo Credit: design by david bromley | photo by mark roper | via homes to love

These Murano glass chandeliers are beautiful, and they’re in beautiful rooms! The fixtures remind me so much of our Sunset 45 Bubble chandelier that I expected one of our lights to pop up in the next design. If you’re interested in moving your design style toward maximalism, or if you’re interested in big pops of color within a more restrained palette, then this trend is for you. 

Photo credit: design by Abby Gruman | via @abbyleigh_designs

As more and more designers and homeowners add to colorways in their wallpaper, furniture, and floor coverings, it really seems like finding something really restrained in the palette, but with monster pops of color, like the photo below, is a fantastic way to move along the spectrum from Scandinavian Minimalist to to full blown Hollywood Regency. Most importantly, as you fill your space with pieces that inspire you, you’ll arrive somewhere better than the latest design trend label. You’ll walk in the door and the space will feel like home.

Check out the entire blog post from Emily Henderson by heading to and search “Murano Glass” for a very cool read and some great design inspiration photos. 

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