How to Install, Clean & Maintain Your Bubble Chandelier

How to Install, Clean & Maintain Your Bubble Chandelier

A bubble light fixture from The Light Factory does so much more than provide light. Even when it's not switched on, it's art: a stylish statement piece. Good design is important to us, and we love talking about that side of our modern light fixtures. But for your bubble chandelier to truly shine, it must also be properly installed, cleaned, and maintained. So today we're delving into all of those practical, nitty gritty details! Here's everything you need to know about the care, cleaning, and maintenance of your bubble chandelier.

1. How to Unpack & Install your Bubble Chandelier*

First things first: so your bubble chandelier has arrived (yay!). You can't wait to see it in your space and we can't wait to hear what you think! Here's how to get it unpacked and installed safely and correctly:
- To protect your glass bubble chandelier from breaking, please leave the bubble wrap on during the entire unpacking and installation process.
- Remove the steel universal mounting crossbar and attach to the electrical box.
- Using a screwdriver, loosen the plastic screw in the strain relief (mounted on the front of the canopy).  
- Slide over the chandelier cord until it bumps into the leather/cotton/jute cord.  
- Tighten the plastic screw on the strain relief and tie a knot in the pendant cord above the canopy. We leave additional white pendant cord in case you decide you’d like to hang the fixture lower or in a different location. If you’re happy with the height, go ahead and wrap the extra cord in the canopy or trim the excess after tying the strain relief knot.  (Unsure what this means?  We provide photos of the canopy and strain relief with the instructions in the packaging!)
- Connect the wires from the electrical box to the chandelier wiring. Remember that the black wire is hot, white is neutral, green is the grounding wire which is wrapped around the green screw in the crossbar bracket.
- Add the provided wire nuts to the end of each electrical connection and twist until firmly applied. Wrap firmly with electrical tape.
- Place the ceiling canopy over the universal crossbar so the holes in the canopy match up with the holes in the crossbar.
- Add the screws and tighten.
- Remove the bubble wrap (gently!) before turning on the bubble chandelier, to avoid melting the bubble wrap. If your chandelier has bubble wrap bags, remove the staple and gently pull off the bag. Do not pull on the glass globe; this could strain the attachment which can bend the pin.
- After installation and unpacking you may need to slightly arrange and shape the bubbles.
*The Branch and Round Branch fixtures have separate installation instructions provided in each package.
2.  How to Clean a Glass Bubble Chandelier
If you've had your bubble light fixture for awhile, be honest...when was the last time you cleaned it? Last month, last year, or (ahem) never? If the glass is starting to look dusty or grimy, it's time to tackle this task! Don't worry, it's not hard to clean a glass bubble light. Follow these directions and your bubble chandelier will be sparkly clean and shiny bright again!
- Before cleaning, make sure your bubble chandelier is turned off and cool to the touch.
- Using the provided gloves, gently wipe the glass bubbles to remove dust and fingerprints. For a heavier cleaning you may use a solvent free glass cleaner on a lint-free paper towel or a clean, dry microfiber cloth (never spray directly on bubbles). Take care not to pull on the wire attachment or let the bubbles knock into each other.
3.  How to Maintain the Metal Finish on Your Bubble Chandelier
 Our bespoke chandeliers come in a few different metal finishes, so you can achieve exactly the look you want. Maintaining the finish is a task that doesn't take too long, and can make a big impact! So put on some gloves, put on some tunes, and get that metal looking its best. The specific care instructions vary depending on the type of metal.
Raw Brass: Raw (unlacquered) brass is a living finish, which means that over time it will oxidize and develop a layered patina. This gives your brass chandelier a rich, aged character that we think is beautiful. If you want to let the process go its natural course, all you need to do is lightly dust the brass from time to time with a clean, dry microfiber cloth. If you prefer for your brass to look shiny, new and polished, you can keep it that way too! When you notice the brass looking a bit dull, use a non-abrasive brass polish to restore the finish to its original luster. Once you've finished polishing, add a new layer of wax to protect the finish.
Polished Nickel: Polished nickel is brass that's coated with nickel, then polished to a shine. It has a warmer silver tone than chrome, doesn't tarnish, and is easy to maintain. To care for your polished nickel chandelier, dampen a clean microfiber cloth with water. Add a drop of mild dish washing detergent, then gently rub the polished nickel to remove stains and dust. Dry and shine the surface with a clean, dry microfiber cloth. Avoid using abrasive cleaners, strong detergents, and cleaners with bleach as they may damage the finish. You can use a non-abrasive polished nickel polish if desired, to buff the surface and add shine.
Powder Coated Metal (Black or White): Powder coating is an extremely durable protective coating for metal (it's the process that's used for the "paint" on cars and bikes). Rather than a liquid paint, powder coating is a applied as a dry powder, then cured under heat until it hardens into a smooth finish. To clean your powder coated light fixture, dampen a clean microfiber cloth with warm water and mild soap, then rub it gently to remove stains and dust. Dry the surface with a clean, dry cloth. Avoid using abrasive cleaners, strong detergents, and cleaners with bleach as they may damage the finish.
4. How to Change a Light Bulb in a Bubble Light Fixture
It's not difficult to change the light bulbs in a bubble light fixture, but it does require an extra step and steady hands. For that reason, we recommend having two people for this task. Here's how to get it done properly:
- Have one person gently move the glass bubbles to the side, then unscrew and replace the bulb like usual.
- If you’re installing the fixture on a dimmer switch please note that LED bulbs require an ELV (Electronic Low Voltage) compatible dimmer to function properly. We recommend the Lutron Diva Dimmer Switch as a great option. How can you tell if your dimmer switch is compatible? With a standard incandescent dimmer the LED bulbs will be stuck at the lowest dimmable setting and will barely put out any light, flicker or make a (very annoying) buzzing sound.  Contact us if you need further assistance!
5.  What to Do if Your Bubble Chandelier Gets Damaged or Broken

It's rare, but occasionally damage and breakage can happen. No worries, we have you covered! Depending on how and when the damage occurred, here is what to do:

If It Arrives Damaged: We take the utmost care to package our designer light fixtures meticulously, but sometimes damage can occur during shipment. If your bubble light chandelier arrives with any damage, contact within seven days of receipt. You'll need to provide clear photos of the damaged box, packaging and/or product. Please keep the damaged box for inspection by FedEx.

If Damage Occurs Within the First Year: The Light Factory offers a one year warranty on all our products. Our warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the item only and does not cover damage from improper use or normal wear and tear. Incorrect installation or failure to follow our care instructions will void the warranty entirely.

If a Glass Bubble Breaks Within the First Month: The most common type of damage is a broken glass bubble. If you have one break during the first 30 days after receipt, we will gladly replace it free of charge. Please email and include a picture of the broken glass globe(s). After the first month, you can purchase a replacement from our store.

To attach the new bubble, please remove the broken glass from the pin, taking care not to bend it if possible. If the pin bends a bit you can straighten it by hand until it forms a "T" with the wire. Slide one end of the pin into the new bubble until the entire pin is inside.



We hope this guide is helpful! Any other questions you have about the care, cleaning, or maintenance of your light fixtures? Let us know! We want to make sure you feel confident and informed, so you can keep your bubble light chandelier looking its very best.

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