Lighting Trends We're Predicting

Can you believe it's 2022 already?! As we embark on the new year, we thought it would be fun to predict what lighting trends will be big in 2022. We're excited to see some new and fresh ideas emerge. But of course, when it comes to decorating your personal home, we always believe in making choices that you love, regardless of what's "in." Whether your taste tends to follow the trends, or whether you prefer to swim against the tide, it's smart to be aware of what's current and up-and-coming!

1. Custom Lighting - We promise, we're not just saying this because we specialize in custom lighting design. We're seeing more and more designers and homeowners opt for bespoke lighting solutions that are one-of-a-kind and made for their space. Custom lighting adds a wow factor that's much more memorable than something off-the-shelf. Whether in a hospitality space or a home, bespoke chandeliers can bring in a unique personality that stands out from the pack (in other words, not the same light fixture you've seen over and over again on Pinterest and Instagram). From furniture to lighting, we're seeing a trend towards customization, and not just with high-end designers. Custom is getting more accessible and less intimidating for homeowners--and there's a good chance it's not as splurge-y as you think! For example, with our popular bubble chandelier, you can easily customize the size and of your chandelier, the length and finish of your cord, and the finish of your bubbles (frosted? colored? chrome?). Whatever makes your heart sing, we'll make it happen...and we're here to answer your questions and walk you through the entire process.


2. Large Chandeliers - In our ultimate guide to hanging a glass bubble chandelier, we gave you our rules of thumb for determining the right size light fixture for your space--and we absolutely stand by those guidelines. But we are also seeing an emerging trend of designers going bigger and bolder with their lighting! Large scale pendant lighting makes a powerful statement, adds that "cool" factor, and acts as a focal point that centers the room. We're excited to see more of this trend! We envision oversized foyer chandeliers, large scale dining room lighting, and giant pendants in the great room. This trend is really perfect for those big, open concept spaces, where a dramatically large light fixture will provide much-needed visual weight. But even in a small space, scaling up is a great way to create interest (think of it like a big piece of art hanging from your ceiling!). To make sure your lighting looks intentional, size up in diameter but keep the shape of your light fixture matched to the shape of the room. With tall ceilings, an oversized orb chandelier or a vertical pendant will look amazing. For standard ceilings, choose a large scale pendant that's more elliptical and horizontal.


3. Micro Bubble Sconces - On the flip side, another way to play with scale is go really small. After all, if everything in the room is competing for attention, it's overwhelming. Some elements have to play a more subtle, supporting role. We love our micro bubble sconce for spaces where you want your lighting to be more minimal and streamlined--but still with great style. Wall sconces are a great solution for adding accent lighting and freeing up surface space in reading nooks, kitchens, bathrooms, name it. In recent years, we've seen a lot of sconces with articulating arms, multiple shades, and eye-catching designs. While those will still have a place, we predict we'll see more of the micro bubble sconce in 2020. If you're designing a tighter space, or want something more understated and chic, these cute little sconces are refreshingly simple and take up very little space or visual weight. Their clean, modern shape also works well for installations of multiples. In fact, we can see a bunch of these on the ceiling as a fresh alternative to recessed lights.


4. Colored Glass - It's no coincidence that we launched three new colored bubble finishes for our bubble light fixtures. Colored glass is back, and we're excited to see it take off even more this year! What we love about this trend is that anyone can play, at any budget level. From colored glass vases, to colored glass furniture and lighting, there are so many ways to incorporate colored glass into your designs. Since glass is transparent and allows sunlight to pass through, even the most vibrant colors will feel serene (not overpowering). Over the past few years, the minimalist aesthetic has reigned supreme, with its white walls and neutral furnishings. If you're getting bored of that look, colored glass is a great way to add some color and interest, while still maintaining a light and airy feel overall. Our blush and skylight bubbles add a soft wash of cheerful color, while the smoke finish brings in sexy contrast.


5. Natural Materials - This isn't exactly a new trend, but we predict that natural fibers like jute, rattan, and woven grass will continue to be popular in 2020. These materials add warmth and texture in an easy and authentic way that can't be replicated with manmade materials. Natural fibers look effortlessly beautiful in beach houses and bohemian homes, where you can go all-in with rattan furniture, jute rugs, seagrass accents, and boho lighting like basket pendants. But even in a modern home, a small touch of natural fibers can go a long ways. An easy way to dip your toe in this trend is to customize a modern bubble chandelier by having jute rope wrapped around the cord. The sleek glass bubbles and the textural jute cord make a great juxtaposition that we'll never get sick of.


6. One Pendant Over the Kitchen Island - Linear pendants have been popular for a few years, usually above a rectangular dining table. But lately, we've also been seeing these over the kitchen island, where you'd typically see multiple pendants. A single linear pendant is a little more unexpected, and it also allows you to use one really cool, large scale light fixture (see trend #2) instead of two or three smaller ones. Another plus is that one junction box in the ceiling looks cleaner. If you already have the setup for multiple pendants, don't worry--they won't look outdated. But if you're remodeling or building a new home, one statement pendant is definitely worth considering! Whether you prefer mid century modern lighting, industrial lighting, or something more glam, the key is to choose a light fixture with proportions that match your kitchen island (think elongated instead of round). Our branching bubble chandelier or balance chandelier could look amazing.


7. Mixed Metals - A list of contemporary lighting trends would not be complete without touching on metal finishes. From warm brass to matte black to polished nickel, different metals tend to take turns being the new "it" finish. But in recent years, we've seen a strong trend towards mixing metals, even in small spaces like the bathroom. You might find a brass sconce paired with a chrome faucet, or a nickel chandelier hanging near a gold mirror, or a black wall sconce above a vanity with brass hardware. No need to worry about everything matching perfectly--mixed metals make for a beautifully layered and collected look. We're still very much on board with this trend and predict that it will carry through 2020 and beyond.


Compared to expensive, labor-intensive elements like flooring, tile, and kitchen cabinets, lighting is an affordable and easy way to update your home and embrace a new trend. And it makes a big impact! Lighting can truly make or break a don't settle for boring or outdated fixtures. Updating your lighting is a change anyone can make, even in a rental!

What are your trend predictions for 2022? Will you be incorporating any of these contemporary lighting ideas into your own designs?

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