Introducing Colored Bubbles!

We love making bespoke chandeliers that are completely perfect for your space. Custom lighting is what sets us apart, and it's so fun: creating just the right combination of shape, size, finish, and cord for your specific design. Recently, we added a brand new option that we are so excited about. This has been requested by many of you over the years: colored glass bubbles! We're introducing three gorgeous colors to elevate your glass bubble light and make it one-of-a-kind. Whether you want to add drama and contrast, or a soft and subtle hint of color, there are so many new possibilities. This is what makes bespoke lighting design so fun!

colored bubble chandelier


1. Blush Glass Bubble - Blush adds a delicate wash of pink to your bubble light chandelier. This color has been requested for many a child's room, and we know it'll delight lots of little sweethearts. It would also be fun for any room where you want to add unexpected color and whimsy. We can totally see it in an artsy, eclectic space!


2. Smoke Glass Bubble - Nobody wants drama in their life...unless it's this kind! Our smoke finish is a stormy, dark grey blue that adds dramatic contrast and makes a statement. This is the best color if you want to make sure your bubble chandelier stands out against white walls. Can't you just picture it in a stunning modern home?


3. Skylight Glass Bubble - We chose this aquamarine color with a beach home in mind, and it certainly shines in a coastal space where it can play off the water. But it would be lovely anywhere you want to add soft color to your bubble chandelier.



What do you think?!? Do you have a favorite color? Do you need a colored bubble chandelier in your life?



Here's how it works: colored glass bubbles can be used for any glass bubble chandelier. First, select the bubble light fixture that you want and add it to your cart. Then, navigate to "Bubble Finish Upgrade." You'll see our Chrome Bubble Finish, our Hand Frosted Bubble Finish, and the three new colors (Blush, Smoke, and Skylight). Click on the one you want! There will be a drop-down menu with all our bubble light fixtures. Find your light, then choose either a 50/50 mix of colored bubbles and clear bubbles, or 100% colored. You can also mix colored bubbles with frosted bubbles! That's the beauty of bespoke lighting--we make your bubble light fixture by hand, so we can customize it as much as you like.



Our glass bubble chandeliers have always been customizable, but these colored bubbles are such a fun option to make them even more perfect for your designs. We can't wait to see what you choose, and the beautiful rooms you hang them in!

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